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Live Photoshop Editing Session #001


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Date: 1st June, 4:00pm CET

Join us for an exclusive live Photoshop editing session with Flóra Borsi! Discover the secrets behind her magical photo manipulations and gain insider tips to transform your own images. Don’t miss this opportunity to watch a master at work and enhance your editing skills. Perfect for photographers and artists alike. Reserve your spot now and unleash your creativity with Flóra Borsi

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Join us for an opportunity to expand your artistic horizons with Flóra Borsi.

Tune in for an enchanting session where Flóra Borsi will demonstrate her expertise in Photoshop editing. This event will immerse attendees in the intricate techniques and creative decisions behind Flóra's stunning photo manipulations. Perfect for enthusiasts and professionals alike, you’ll witness how simple images are transformed into visual masterpieces.

The session will include a quick walkthrough of Flóra's process, then a longer Photoshop editing session, providing valuable insights that can be applied to your own digital art endeavors.

Engage with Flóra during the Q&A, where she will address your queries and offer tips tailored to enhancing your editing skills.

This live stream will last about 75 minutes and will be in English.The session video will not be sent to you, so you have to be online and participate in the event.


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